The Extraordinary Contraptions Need Your Help!

The Extraordinary Contraptions

You may be aware that I am familiar with The Extraordinary Contraptions. They are almost done with the recording of their third album!

However, recording and mixing an album is the part that is not expensive1; having an album produced is expensive, so they need your help.

As I know you’re already going to buy one of these albums when they come out2, then you should go to their Kickstarter page and help support their efforts, while getting cool stuff.

If you are one of the very few people I’m friends with who have not listened to their music, try Cold Comforts on for size, from their most recent album (you can click on the embed below if you like). Also at the bottom of this post, you can also see some video featuring Prelude for the Nocturnis which will be on the upcoming album. A bunch of us band-likers will be featured in that song, as well as two others, as we were present for some crowd recording a few weeks ago. Yes, I will be on a studio album. I’m a rock star.

Help out some independent, hard-working artists by going to their Kickstarter page and throwing some money into the pot. I’ve heard some pre-release songs and they’re well worth your support.

  1. For some values of “not expensive.” The Extraordinary Contraptions do all their recording at home and with band-owned equipment and expertise. In terms of time/effort/sweat expended, this album has been Sisyphean. []
  2. Of course you are. Happy fun ball will not be happy if you do not []
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