Night of Astounding Peculiarities

Fire Eating 7

Last night I attended The Night of Astounding Peculiarities at Lenny’s Bar in Atlanta. We were treated to entertainment by Thimblerig Circus (show above), Witness the Apotheosis, and the always extraordinary Extraordinary Contraptions!

If you haven’t heard the Contraptions play, I highly recommend it. If you have, they’re unveiling new stuff right now! I head a song last night that I’d never heard before (“Hollow”) and it rocked. They’ll be playing Dragon*Con in two weeks.

Witness the Apotheosis was excellent as well. I have missed them several times running and was happy to finally get to hear them, and of course Thimblerig Circus is always entertaining. They perform their death-defying knife throwing, fire eating, nail-bed lying, pin juggling circus act with wonderful aplomb.

Images from last night’s festivities can be found at the flickr set. There weren’t any good shots of the Contraptions, except for one, but you can find others here and here and here.

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