Bitter Ruin, Extraordinary Contraptions and Thimbelrig Circus

We went to see The Extraordinary Contraptions, Bitter Ruin and Thimblerig Circus at The Shelter just a few weeks ago. It was a blast and Bitter Ruin was awesome! Thimblerig was great as was the Contraptions, as usual. I have one picture from the event.

Bitter Ruin at The Shelter, Atlanta

I brought my camera with me but never pulled it out. For reasons. Reasons best left unstated (If you want to know, ask me in person).

But, if you want some good images, go check out Brian Richardson’s flickr stream which has some great stuff.

The Shelter - Oct 19, 2010

I’ve talked about The Contraptions many times before so I’ll focus on Bitter Ruin. I had the privilege of meeting Georgia and Ben of Bitter Ruin on the weekend before their show. They were being put up by the Contraptions. Both were nice and pleasant and soft-spoken, which was entirely different (the soft-spoken part) from their performance on stage. Georgia has an amazing voice ranging from soft singing to tear-it-off-the-wall hammering. Seriously, she’s awesome. Ben is no slouch either and they have the ability to blend their voices together when the want and also to not when they want that too.

Honestly, I wasn’t as taken with their music when I first listened to their album “Hung, Drawn and Quartered” but they turned in such a spectacular live performance that I unreservedly recommend you seeing them if you can. Unfortunately, they are in Europe right now and their home base is England, so the majority of my blog readers would have to take a hop across the pond to do so. Hopefully, they’ll be back soon.

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