Georgia Marathon 2011 – DNF

Today I ran the Georgia Marathon. Exactly 3.8 miles of it.

Icing the Calf
I managed to pull my calf again. I was at the water station at on Auburn avenue when the aching in the calf became a shooting, stabbing pain. I told Jenn to keep on without me and I’d catch the sag wagon back to the finish. Thus ended my third attempt to complete this marathon course.

I am not as philosophical about this DNF1 as I was about the Ironman. Although it’s true that I was badly trained for this race and questioning my ability to finish, I didn’t expect to be hobbling at mile four. I thought I might have to make a call at mile twenty! For crying out loud, I nearly beat a PR in a 10k three weeks ago. To pull a muscle this badly at mile four is profoundly depressing.

Where to from here? Professional help and treatment. This is ridiculous and I can’t put up with it any more.

At least I picked an appropriate backdrop for the end of my shitty race.
Appropriate Backdrop for my Race

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