Back into Training, Running, Triathlon

I’m back running, and this is making me very happy.

Winter Wonder Wear

I’ve been into my training regime for over a month. Things seem to be feeling well with respect to my calf, thank you very much. I even ran a race three weeks ago. That race was a remarkable difference from the triathlon in August where I discovered that no, I did not let my calf rest for long enough.

I decided after the triathlon to let things rest entirely until November first and then ease back in. Now we’re at the end of December (mostly) and I’m feeling like I’m getting my wind back and the leg isn’t calling me a crazy man. I like that. Enough so that I just signed up for a marathon! Ninety days from tomorrow until the race.

This year’s training is a bit schizophrenic. We deferred our entries into the Marine Corps Marathon from last October until 2011. Also, we’ve been planning for years to run the Mt. Desert Island Marathon this coming October. Which means, if you’re keeping track, Jennifer and I have three marathons planned this year, two of which are within two weeks of each other!

So, I’ll be doing a lot of long distance running and the training to support that. However, I’ve still not given up on my goal to reduce my 5k time below 21:00. As time and health permits, I’ll be doing speed work and races to address that goal. I’ll keep you informed.

In case you’re curious, here’s my race calendar for the year, so far:

I’ll probably mix some other low-key races into that list, too.

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