On Training, Running, and Sunglasses

I started training again. I’d been sidelined for a while due to a pulled muscle. I went through physical therapy and did the exercises I was supposed to do for injury recovery, but other than that I basically sat on my butt for a couple months. My waistline and weight started to inform me that it was time to get back to it, so I did.

I’m back at the gym, doing “early season”1 weight training plus as much core work as I can comfortably stand. I’ve started upping, slowly, my running amount to avoid any more calf strains and just finished my first “real” run since the injury. It was outside, 3.3 miles in 90 degree heat. Ack.

Normally, I ease in to the Georgia summers by running at lunch through the spring and into the heat. Not this time. My first noontime run and…ugh. I’m sure I’ll be fine next week, but this one really sucked.

Which brings me to today’s interesting observation. To preface that observation, I’ll note that I don’t like to wear sunglasses when I run. They get sweat running on them and dig into my ears and generally just annoy me. However, I run in the high sun a lot, which means I need something to keep from having a permanent squint all the time. Therefore I wear a visor which I keep pulled down pretty low. The visor serves two purposes: It keeps the sun out of my eyes; it keeps the sweat out my eyes, too.

Today, however, I really could have used some sunglasses. I was running along my normal work route which is mostly sidewalk. There used to be a section without sidewalk so I’d run on the road, however they’ve installed brand new concrete to fill in the gaps in the sidewalk. Yay! That makes me happy! Except that the brand new concrete is uniformly white as opposed to the dimly off-taupe of the older sidewalk sections. As I started running across the new sidewalk and the sun blazed down upon it, reflecting its cruel rays, I cried out, “Oh my eyes! Stop the madness” while flailing about and blood seeped from my tear ducts2.

In some cases, I will wear sunglasses, yes.

  1. it’s the beginning of my season, so I call it early []
  2. ok, not really, but it was really bright []
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