Training for the Georgia Marathon

I’ve got some catching up to do.

And by catching up, I mean “I’ve got to train enough so I can finish the Georgia Marathon without feeling like I got run over by a truck.” At this stage, I’ve given up on being well enough trained to do well, now I just want to accomplish a better race than the Nike Women’s Marathon back in 2008.

I ran an 8 mile long run on Sunday, and I’m bumping up my mileage by 3 miles each week between now and March 20th. I’ve got a taper built in and one rest week in there. What I’m looking at is this, for long runs:

  1. 8 (last weekend)
  2. 11
  3. 15
  4. 19
  5. 8
  6. 20
  7. 6
  8. Marathon

NEVER train like this, unless you’re already at the stage where you can handle the mileage. This is such a horrible race training schedule, I find it painful to write down. Nevertheless, it’s what I’ve got, given the fact that I lost three weeks to a back injury. Damn you back!

Yes, I’m taking steps to avoid these in the future. Besides, I need to be strong this year, we’ve got two marathons planned in October.

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