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  1. Cindy
    July 9, 2009

    Ok, this isn’t a movie but have you read Time Traveler’s Wife. That’s
    a good time twist story with characters and no holes. I’ve read it
    2 or 3 times and I’m incrediably impressed in how she ties everything
    together—non lineraly. Unfortunetly there are no robots bent on
    destroying humanity but I liked the book anyway.

  2. Cindy
    July 9, 2009

    Ok, I lied I just saw on a movie site that the movie based on
    the book is coming out in August—Boy I hope they don’t screw it
    up—it was a good book.l

  3. Bill Ruhsam
    July 9, 2009

    I have not yet read the Time Traveler’s Wife, although we did watch ‘Journeyman’ last year, which was based off of it. I generally know what the book’s about. One of these days I’ll get around to reading it.

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