Terminator Salvation

We saw the latest installment in the Terminator franchise tonight. Terminator Salvation was an acceptable addition. Much better than the last movie, Terminator 3: What Else Can We Do With Ahnold?

The movie opens in 2003 with the judicial termination of a criminal. Much foreshadowing abounds. Then it swoops forward to 2018 and we are introduced to John Connor, who is not yet the leader of the resistance. Shit happens, things blow up, and the plot advances. There are plenty of terminator-esque scenes and stock lines; a terminator fan won’t care about numerous plot holes quickly spackled over.

Except for one.

Stop reading now. This is a “major” spoiler.

Seriously, this could affect your enjoyment.

You’ve been warned.

In the first third of the movie, it’s revealed that Skynet is searching for Kyle Reese. Searching for him specifically to kill him. In fact, he’s number one on a top 10 list of soon-to-be-terminatees. My question (and what I believe is a enormous plot hole) is how the hell does Skynet know a thing about Kyle Reese? There’s no way that Skynet should know that Reese is Connor’s father. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

It’s possible I missed some tiny bit of dialogue that explains this, but I still don’t buy it. It’s crazy.

But other than that, and the normal inability of a hugely powerful metal robot to kill a human with one blow, it’s a good movie. I’d see it again.

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