Nike Women's Marathon

Peachtree Road Race 2008
We’re off today to go to San Francisco for the 2008 Nike Women’s Marathon.

Neither of us are truly “ready” for this race, but we’ll finish, even if our times aren’t what we’d like them to be. It’s a hilly course (duh, it’s San Francisco) but not terribly so. Especially not for people who train around Atlanta. While our hills may not be as tall as SF’s, there’s plenty of them. Funny enough, I’m not worried about the steep up hill portions of the route so much as the steep down hill descents that are on the other sides of them. Downhills can trash your quads, and the first one of those is at mile 10. Careful will be my watchword

This race is a dry run, of sorts, for my intention to do a full Ironman-distance triathlon next year. I had said to myself last year that if I could train for and complete a marathon without any major issues, then I wouldn’t have any physical problems with training for and completing and ironman. Other than a couple fluke things which I’ve talked about before, I didn’t hit any major stumbling blocks, so it looks like the Ironman is on. Early November 2009, in Panama City Beach, Florida, I’ll be swim/bike/running for 13 or so hours.

Crazy is in the eye of the beholder.

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