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I feel the need to post this because I want everyone to be very clear about my blog. This is my very own personal playground and I will run it anyway I damn well choose. That includes the current policy of placing every commenter1 into a queue for approval if they haven’t previously had an approved comment. That also includes changing policies without notice.

I reserve the right to manage my playground in a manner that is pleasing to me. This means arbitrary deletion or spamination of any comment I feel like. To date, in the 3 years and 3 months this blog has been running I’ve approved every single comment except one (that one I couldn’t figure out if it was spam or topical, eventually I came down on spam). Even weird, crazy, obscene and profane comments get approved (see this Lost post).

I make an effort to approve comments in moderation as quickly as possible, but it may take some time if I’m not near a computer. I do not obsessively check my email or my blog when I’m doing something fun. If you sit in the queue for a length of time that makes you think I don’t like you or that I’m trying to suppress you, I assure you that you’re projecting. Take a breath and come back tomorrow.

I maintain my right to snark back at people who snark at me. It’s not personal. After all I probably don’t know you. If you keep it polite, I will reciprocate.

If you need more information, my policy is substantively similar to John Scalzi’s with the exception that I will never alter your words without permission. Your comment will be either approved or denied. Rarely will it be denied (as I said, I don’t believe I’ve ever denied a legitimate comment). I have no reason to keep people from expressing their opinions on my blog, even if those opinions are diametrically opposed to mine. So bring it on, but reap as you sow, if you catch my drift

1“Commenter” is defined by my blog software as a name and an email address. If you change the way you enter your name or the email address you place in the comment block, you’ll be dumped into moderation hell.

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