LOST is Crap, Tripe, Shit

You will note from my earlier post about Lost of one week ago that I was not particularly happy with the second episode of this Lost season. J. J. Abrams has proved to me, like he did with Alias, that he can take a good thing and absolutely ruin it.

The first season of Lost was an intricate mesh of plot lines and personalities, with just enough mystery to keep us hooked. The personal angle was what made the show great, especially how they all ended up interacting in their past lives, unknowingly.

The first three episodes of the second season are merely shit, with no real dialogue or character inside. Mystery after conundrum after enigma has been presented without even the slightest bit of an attempt to resolve ANYTHING.

J.J. Abrams has driven me away from the show (I have vowed never to watch it again) and thus has cost ABC a devoted Wednesday night viewer. Thank you, Mr. Abrams for freeing me from another evening of my enslavement to television. I’m sure my yard and my house will appreciate it.

P.S. I gave up the end of a hockey game to watch that crap! The first NHL hockey game I’ve watched in 18 months! I will not forget.

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  2. Dan says:

    It should’ve just been one season. I did like Lost, but the fact that they kept it so vague for so long, and then gave nothing but A LOT more mystery at the end of the season instead of any real answers… annoyed me to no end!

    Thus Lost has become the next X-Files, except in the latter, there were self-contained episodes and mysteries that got resolved along the way (keeping people’s sanity) until Mulder and Scully discovered the “Truth” at the end (destroying what sanity there was left).

    The Truth is out there! Lost will reveal it… to a viewing audience of four orangutans, in the year 2056.

  3. Ron says:

    The first season was ok but moved way to slowly, and the reruns…..forget it, I hate reruns. If they want to show reruns then do what they do to surface and show them on FX or Sci Fi channel and leave the season going uninteruppted by usless reruns. Lost is not that good to site and watch reuruns! I watched the first three episodes this season (2nd) and when I heard them say that ther would be a new episod in three weeks I vowed to never watch it again.

    Lost is Lost.

  4. tom says:

    Yes, I too was hooked by the early mystery of Lost. However, as each meaningless episode went by and I realized that I along with the show was regressing, I decided to abondon this vagabond ship. I implore the rest of you to quit watching before you end up as “old” and “without direction” as is the show.

  5. jonny angel says:

    This serie is totally meaningless tripe,Concocted for one reason alone ,To make Money for its backers,Each episode is made to keep the viewer wondering what will happen next week ,
    And so keep them tuning in to this infantile garbage,
    To which, there will never be an answer,
    Instead of using my energy wondering about this nonesense i now use the off button.

  6. Jazz says:

    None of the second season makes any sense..When Jack, who is supposed to be the sane strong one…is convinced to push a button from ending the world…I said to myself, this is insane. How can someone be that easily persuaded, and have been living above ground for 40 days.
    The other big turn off is, the brutality of the other survivors of the plane toward everyone else. . I mean good grief, with the voices in the woods, all the cliff hangers, NOT ONE answer to any riddle has been solved. And what is this little kid popping up speaking a foreign lanquage, or as some other sites have noted…speaking backwards. This has turned into a mess…a total mess. Lost has been lost in a sea of writers who prolly are making things up as they go along, and have no real answers to the mayhem…

  7. Bill says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m in good company with my opinions regarding Lost. A person, who will remain nameless, has been trying to convince me to watch the “first” episode of the other half of the plane, but I’m resisting.

  8. Me says:

    I don’t like lost neither. It just gets so plain silly. When that guy was hanging in that tree in the last episode. “Grab the tree, grab the tree…etc”. Or when they uncovered the hatch, let’s wait until the sun comes up? As if the sun would be shining in the hatch. In each episode there is at least one thing completely dumb and silly.

    I can’t watch it anymore. It’s a time waste

  9. Such a shame says:

    I actually missed the first episode or two in Season 1, there was such a buzz I was eager to get up to speed! For the first since Batman was a TV show I was actually excited about the “next” episode. Sadly now, I just couldn’t care less. By the time “Kate” sees a majestic looking horse in the middle of the jungle even the actress CAN’T PULL IT OFF. The look of disbelief on her face seems to more denote the look of someone who’s just seen her career and best paying gig she’s ever had go down the toilet! I’d love to be able to think that the “writers” have all the answers and will be able to put this thing back on track but I fear the truth is that the network schmucks felt they could milk this out for 5 seasons! The way the network has run this thing in to the ground, I can go on as before and if the “buzz” picks up at ANY time in the future I’m sure there will be ample opportunities to re-engage thru re-runs! That’s just how smart these schmucks are!

  10. It gets worse says:

    I just started watching this a few weeks ago because someone had all the episodes on DVD. Season 1 hooked me. Season 2 sucked. Michelle Rodgriguez is one reason. The main reason it sucks is that the producers are tying this show to dummy sites around the net where people speculate as to what’s going on and what will happen next. And reruns? How can they show reruns when they are just pieces of a huge movie that looks to last as long as they can milk it? Throughout, the writing is terrible and the R&D people could’ve tried harder…or, is it that the “flashbacks” are all false memories? Whatever! It’s ovbious they’re all in one huge Skinner box as are the people that continue to watch this pap. Moving island? Electromagnetic research? Rrrrright! I’m glad I’m now free after such a short venture and since the writers ARE making things up as they go along (because they can) without any resolution I suspect blogs like this will continue to grow as participation in dummy sites and forums declines.

  11. Sharon perry says:

    I totally agree, Lost is the biggest pile of poo I have ever laid my eyes upon!

  12. Carly Perry says:

    ^^ Yep, couldn’t agree more my friend!

  13. Richard Perry says:


  14. Josh Wells says:


  15. sonza says:

    This show has been only been out for a season and a half and so far they’ve had 3 recap shows, that’s just incase you’ve missed the months of reruns they keep showing. This forum is way more interesting than f’n LOST and too bad Michelle Rodgriguez didn’t get life in jail.

    LOST SUCKS!!!!!

  16. shoe says:

    The reason I personally am pissed off at lost is because i’ve just watched the “conclusion” or “final” epesode of season 2 and surprise, surprise more mystery. Great, guys. good work on the whole creation of suspense and everything, but its starting to hurt.
    You can chill out. (infact, please chill out) you’ve got a huge audience – everyone is watching, you don’t have to rail us into watching the next epesode by constantly leaving us with this “OMG, whats going to happen next” feeling. After a while, it grows tiring. Another feeling which is quite nice, is “oh, im glad thats solved!”, and you can still leave somekinda niggling question for the next epesode to pick up on, of course.

  17. Adam says:

    Go play in traffic

  18. Bill says:

    Well, It’s been over a year since I first posted this. I think I’ll drop another line on the main blog site and see what people think.

    I did not buckle. Nary a Lost moment passed my eyeballs since 2005 and now we’re into season 3! God help us…

  19. Lost maaannn says:

    Series one was ok. Lost has created its own weird world where anything is possible, odd miracles, island defense system, polar bear on a tropical island. Surely if the writers can do anything they want, its too easy, then wherein lie the cleverness. Tell me something knockout about the first series, next tell me what second series is about. The Writers are going to have fun explaining all this. Will Lost remain vague for as long as it can. Perhaps 5 seasons of vagueness imagine that without going mad. How much mystery can there be at the end of each season? when they uncovered the hatch, let’s wait until the sun comes up (err for what?).

  20. david says:

    i watched season one and two religiously, watched two episodes of season 3 and couldnt bring myself to watch it any more after that, sick of the endless mysteries which are never explained…. like they dont answer anything… wats da full story with the polar bear, who are the others… where on earth is dat damn island… where the hell did micheal and walt go?? :O:O…. why do the other lost people not simply kill locke as he is clearly not of sound mental health…. how did everyone survive the weird nucluer blast at end of season2.. wats goin on with all the underground bunkers….. and what in the name of god, is that big giant black cloud yoke?????????????…. i mean seriously…. are they havin a laugh or wat?… i think theres a room of writers laughing their ass off, wondering how such a ridiculous show ever took in so many ratings…..

  21. silvers says:

    lost is very disappointing now. maybe the maker will get aids

  22. Abrahms Hater says:

    lost sux. its just about the sukiest show to ever suk. don’t get me strted about his last show alias. but the ONLY and i do mean the ONLY redeeming thing on the show is the lovely Michelle Rodriguez.

  23. CleverBoy says:

    I watched the first episode of season 1. I saw it was a pile of crap. Never watched again, apart from the odd 5 inutes wher I hear about “the others” haha. Come on, this show is for pre-teens or for plain idiots without a life. What marketing and brain washing does to you…

  24. Lectorsmith says:

    I was convinced by a friend to watch LOST season one. Just finished it. I wish they would kill, torture or get rid of ‘Kate.’

    They must be making this shit up as they go along.

    It leads nowhere. I can’t imagine trying to watch this real time as it airs on television. I would have given up after four episodes.

    Fat guy never loses weight.
    Nothing is ever resolved.
    People keep finding out more about the murdering cunt named Kate, but everybody still loves the whore.
    Locke/Oquinn is insane. He ties people up and drugs them and he’s not nuts?
    Kate likes to drug people against their will too, but is still the cutie-bitch who everyone loves.
    If you just started watching and hope you’ll find answers to what the invisible monster is, quit now, it is never shown or revealed.
    Nothing usually ever makes any sense.
    There are interesting plot lines, and ideas, and dramatic scenes, but they always lead nowhere.
    If you actually waste an hour every week watching this show, you are LOST.
    People commit horrible crimes on eachother in the show, but always return to Gilligan’s Island type pals within 15 minutes.
    Gilligan’s Island makes more sense than this fucking show.
    The introduction of X-Files conspiracies can’t save this piece of shit, because at least in the X-Files plots are actually resolved.
    IF you have the DVDs, fast forward through all ‘flashbacks’ they never mean anything, and lead nowhere, and offer no clues nor add anything to the show and are a complete waste of time.
    I admit I liked the concept originally, and the music and the format, now, its just a disgusting waste of time.
    You will have more fun wasting time watching “DAYS OF OUR LIVES.”
    This soap opera crap went out when they cancelled TWIN PEAKS because it ceased making any sense after we learned who killed Laura Palmer.
    They will kill characters that you really don’t mind, and keep all the characters you hate.
    If a new mystery appears, know that it will take at least 15 episodes to even come back to it, but don’t expect it to actually be resolved.
    This show is nothing but a scam to get people to keep watching TV commercials, and leads nowhere, and ends up making no sense, even though it could, and starts out making sense.
    LOST spelled backwards is STOL… some phonetic fun and it sounds out STALL, and thats all this show is, they stall and stall and stall, as if they can’t even figure out how to make it make any sense, so they just add more mindless plot threads.
    This show will inevitable let everyone down, as there is no possible way to have any of it make any sense in the end, after the end of season 2.

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  27. tom says:

    “LOST spelled backwards is STOL…”

    way to go dumbass that’s LOTS spelled backwards, not LOST

  28. Matt says:

    You people are all f*ing crazy….
    Lost is amazing, the best piece of television this millenium!!
    You are all ignorant tw*ts :D

  29. Jihad says:

    LOST is the best show i have ever seen. EVERYTHING connects so well and the different characters, plot twists, and crazy shit is what makes me watch this show. Hell i never liked Michelle Rodriguez either, who the hell cares???? she’s dead!(i personally loved when she died cuz i never would have expected it) and the show ends in season 6 so they are not makin this up as they go.

  30. ajmal says:

    i agree lost is shit

  31. FuckLost says:


  32. I bought the first season dvd and I didnt really read the blurb on the case to be honest, I was shocked when after watching 12 episodes the dvd was finished??? I paid £35 for half a bloody season??? do me a favour!
    Anyhoo I was hooked, I thought it was brilliant, best thing to have been on tv in years, now I have the latest season and after many weeks I still have not bothered to watch the last ten episodes or so, oh its time travel is it? I said to myself at the beginning it would either be time travel or something truly unique and original, sadly they took the easy option, far too many questions, no answers, I feel like its all being written on the fly, they had a good beginning, a moderate middle with many episodes that could easily be missed and now I feel they just want it to end.
    There is no mystery any more and the story can go anywhere as time travel is not really scientific, if there is another writers strike I dont think it would matter, with time travel you can do anything and requires no skill.
    Such a waste of an excellent product.
    lost is lost

  33. Casino_Boy says:

    I’m a late bloomer… just watched season one for the first time this weekend.

    I watched with an open-mind, despite others’ opinions being everywhere for the last 3 years (or however long it’s been…).

    I think the show is boring… textbook twists, bad acting and inconsistent characters. From what has been written in this forum, I know my predictions for future seasons (2-5) are probably correct.

    I am going to stop now… eagerly anticipating Season 3 of Mad Men!

  34. wade says:

    Started watching the show after I got netflix. Agree it had potential (season 1) but quickly deteriorated. I have watched (or at least fast forwarded) through season 5 just to see how much worse it could get. And it did. Lost is certainly a good name for the show. I will watch Season 6 after it done just to see if anything can be salvaged. It is has become somewhat of a comedic parody to me. It is good material for the treadmill. I wish Mr. Abrams better luck in the future. I am actually a little embarrassed for him.

  35. Steve says:

    The Lost Final was CRAP. 6 years wasted on wondering what the Island was?!?

    J. J. Abrams is a clown. His Shows Alias and Fringe (X-File clone) stink.

    His remake of Star Trek also stunk but opened abroad to fool the Americans into believing it was good.

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