Clarke Award vs. Sad Puppies

13:25 UPDATE at bottom

I find it interesting that of the five novels on the Sad Puppy Slate, exactly zero were submitted for review for the Clarke Awards.

This could mean a few different things:

  1. No one bothered to submit them
  2. No one submitted them because, wow, they weren’t going to win
  3. They’ve not been published yet in Britain

Item one seems odd because wouldn’t you take the time to submit something for an award on the off chance you’d win? You never know1.

Item three is outside my expertise. It appears that all of these books are available on, but I don’t know if that means they’ve “been published in Britain” which is the prerequisite for the award.

Item two is the interesting one. If they’ve been published in Britain, why would the publisher not submit them for review? Seems like if you thought you had a good novel, you’d do that. Perhaps they don’t think they have a good novel? Maybe?

I’m talking out of my butt here, but it does make one wonder.

1325 Update: The Clarke Awards responded to my tweet about this.

So there you go. I retract any aspersions. At least aspersions related to this specific item.

  1. It’s just a dollar and a dream. []
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