Escape Artists: A Call for Help

The Escape Artists trio1 of podcasts are in dire financial straits, and they’ve put out a call for help. You should help them.

This call to arms is hitting at a coincidental time for me: it’s pledge week for the local NPR station. Usually, Jenn and I give around $100 to WABE each pledge drive, but this time, I think we’re going to opt out of the nice tax deduction and send it to Escape Pod instead. Why?

  • All three of these podcasts take great fiction from the English-speaking universe, convert it to audio narration, and give it away for free. At the same time, they pay their authors! A flat rate in the case of Pseudopod and Podcastle, but better-than-professional rates for Escape Pod. These three podcasts can be considered the premier audio magazines for their genres, and you don’t have to pay a thing to listen to them.
  • They don’t need much per listener. Every tiny bit helps. Give them a dollar. Give them $5. I know you can afford $5.
  • The Escape Artists trio would leave a huge hole if they had to fold. Together they’ve put out ~1054 Episodes and more than that number of stories, counting the flash fiction.

So please go help them out. If you listen to their metacast, you’ll hear endorsements from authors such as Cory Doctorow and Tim Pratt. Remember, the money you give them goes to supporting the servers and paying the authors. They’re making some noise about developing a model for paying beer-money to their narrators, but I can tell you that anything they might pay me for my narration2 I would turn around and give right back to them.

The subscription or one-time-payment buttons are on the front page of each podcast.

It’s easy. It’s fast.

Go. Help save an institution.

  1. Escape Pod, Pseudopod, Podcastle []
  2. Did I mention I’ve narrated for Podcastle and Pseudopod? []
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