The Nursery

Jenn and I haven’t been “nesting”1 very much. The one thing we’ve done is convert my office into the nursery. Here is a before after set of pics.

Office Mess

2013-07-06 13.27.55

So I’ve been displaced until such time as we can get the downstairs finished up. Knowing this was coming is one of the reasons I bought the Chromebook last month.

2013-06-16 13.26.19

The colors we picked were bright green and a pale color for the trim indistinguishable from “off white”. The official Behr color names are “Crisp Green” and “Mist Yellow.” I’ll just call them green and off-white.

The letters on the wall in the picture above are the short-list for first names that Baby Boy Ruhsam is being fitted for: Zachary, Griffin, Sidney, Orion, and August.

More pictures from the nursery change-over are here.

  1. A friend introduced us to this term. He asked, “Have you been nesting?” I answered, “What?” This seems a negative term for something that probably everyone does. I mean, it’s a pain in the butt to entirely strip a room, repaint and redecorate. I need a good reason to do something like that and a transference of ownership is one of them, but I wouldn’t call it “nesting.” Hmmph. Rabble rabble. []
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