IDimager is Dead! Long Live Photo Supreme?

Many moons ago, I posted about my struggles with choosing an image database management program. In the end, I decided to stick with IDimager (version 4, I think) over Adobe Lightroom.

IDimager continued to have some of the same issues with lagginess and performance, but I was willing to put up with it—and have—since then. It seems, though, that we’ve come to a crossroads now that I’ve discovered that there are no more upgrades to IDimager; they’ve replaced the product with Photo Supreme.

This in itself doesn’t necessarily turn me off immediately1, but I’m finding it difficult to determine if this replacement product is operating satisfactorily for the people who’ve made the jump. I infer that a lack of negative screaming indicates no horrific problems, but there aren’t too many posts which deal with the nitty gritty. In fact, there aren’t any that I can find. Most of the ones that are out there are from back in September, 2012, right after Photo Supreme went live (conversely when IDimager went dead). There’s lots of calls for additional features in Photo Supreme that used to be in IDimager, including version recognition of images and a file management tool2.

I’d welcome the use of a program that’s much faster, but not at the expense of some of the features I need.

I’ve put out a few inquiries to people and I’ll blog about it if I make the switch.

  1. The biggest concern is no support for new cameras, but that’s at least a little bit of time away for me. []
  2. That last one is important to me. []
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2 Responses to IDimager is Dead! Long Live Photo Supreme?

  1. Geoff Coupe says:

    Bill, take a look at the Photo Supreme forum at

    There, you’ll find a very active forum discussing the features of Photo Supreme, and asking for, and in some cases getting, additional functionality.

    When PSU first came out, there was a lot of frustration from IDimager users because (a) IDimager was immediately dropped, but also (b) because PSU works very differently in some areas. Now that people have got used to the way that it works, I think that most (but not all) are comfortable with it, and it does what they want.

    There are now Version Control and File Management features in PSU. They are not the same, or as full-featured, as those that are in PSU, but they may be sufficient for you. Take a look using the trial version of PSU. You can always ask for new features.

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