From the Archives: Ego Searches

In what will be a recurring series, I’m randomly1 going back through the archives of the Eyebrow and blogging about things that were. Where I find something fun and interesting, I’ll note that. Where I find something I said that was sad and stupid, I’ll note that, too.

From the Archives

Occasionally, as I’m sure everyone does, I type my name into Google to see what comes up. This is a good idea to do, even if you’re not an egotistical maniac, to be sure that your name isn’t being associated with a sex offender or serial killer or used car salesman.

I have the benefit of searching a name that is uncommon. Just for example, “John Smith” gets a lot of hits but generally it’s probably not for the John Smith who’s doing the search. I however have the last name of “Ruhsam” and it’s a fair bet that if you live in the U.S., and your name is Ruhsam, you’re related to me no more distantly than 3rd or 4th cousin. There’s just not that many of us.

I wish I’d been doing screengrabs over time as I did this. Back in the day a Google search for “ruhsam” would turn up 15 to 20 hits and I was more than half of them. Today, there are hundreds of thousands, but at least I’m still doing a good job of occupying page one.

I had a friend do a screen capture because I figured by me doing it, Google would weight it in my favor.2.

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 16.15.18

I’m most amused that Talking Traffic is ranked higher than this site. Not that it’s not worthy of the ranking, but I happen to know it doesn’t see as much traffic as this one. I guess it probably has more quality links to it than the Eyebrow does. Not that I blame people. Talking Traffic has informative content; this blog has pictures of cats and people talking about ego searches.

If I want better links and more traffic on the eyebrow, I suppose I better post more useful content, and solicit a greater variety of guests.

  1. Literally. Using the RAND function in excel to pick the posts to review. []
  2. What I really need to do is get a screen capture from a Google search by someone who’s never heard or me []
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