My Ruhsam-ness Falling off Google

The Eyebrow used to be in the top 3 of google hits when you searched on my last name, “Ruhsam”. It was often the first hit. Now it’s on the seventh page.

[sigh] I’m forlorn.

Apparently a lot more Ruhsam’s are appearing on the web and doing google-worthy things. That’s good! It used to be that I occupied 7 or 8 of the first 10 google hits and there would only be 6 or 7 pages worth of hits. Now there’s a gazillion hits on all sorts of people. I need to do some work to move The Evil Eyebrow back up the rankings! Any social networker worth their salt would tell me to get out there and participate on message boards and blog comment streams. We’ll see.

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