Test Post Mark II: Have a Notebook

I’m testing out some off line blogging tools that are new (to me). In the process, have a look at some notebook porn!

Moleskin Pocket Squared, with Notes

As followers of the blog will know, I use various types of notebooks. I’m not snobby about it, but I do own a couple Moleskins. They don’t see a lot of use, but when I need one, it’s there and ready.

The one shown in the picture has been in my pocket for the last few days because I’ve been taking notes in the field at Ashford Dunwoody, and I’ve been getting calls from people concerning the diverging diamond at odd times. I’m a firm believer in “if you don’t write it down, it never happened” thusly the notebook.

I like the concept of carrying this thing with me everywhere, however in practice it normally doesn’t work. I don’t wear clothing where this rides easily in a pocket, and if I’m going to have to carry something around in my hand, I might as well have my full size notebook with me. The safety vest I wear in the field has some conveniently sized pockets for this notebook and my pen, but it should because it’s designed to hold notebooks like this.

Now that I have the Moleskin out, it’s seeing some play time. I expect once the diverging diamond field work dies down, it’ll go back on the shelf.

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