I’ve Been Blogging Too Much about Ashford Dunwoody

So, to alleviate that fact, I’m going to give you a grab bag!


I read John Scalzi’s Red Shirts. I was anticipating this with the high expectations you might expect from a crazy-stalker-fan, mostly due to the five chapters that had been pre-released. Unfortunately, I have to rate this one as “less awesome than expected.” While it’s still a very good book, it did not shoot unicorns from its rainbows, and that’s where my expectations were. However, it’s the most meta science fiction book I’ve ever read and it makes such glorious fun of Star Trek that I’d call it a must read if you ever liked Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

I have a super double top secret surprise for my lovely wife, Dr. Jennifer Bowie on next Tuesday, which I will not tell you about because she occasionally reads my blog. Suffice to say that it’ll be a blast. I’m sure there will be pictures.

Jenn and I are attending the Euphoria burn this weekend. I will not be connected to any sort of internet, so you won’t have to listen to me tweet about it. We’ve never attended a burn before, so it’ll be a new experience for us.

I was highly entertained when I went looking around for an offline blogging tool, only to discover that I already had one on my computer. Windows Live Writer is doing a good job for what I need right now. My only complaint is that it’s clunky for attaching HTML tags like <cite> and <blockquote>, etc. I think there are ways around that, but I’ve only been using it for two days now.

I’m growing back the beard. Or at least the goatee. It’s been a year and a half and I’m interested to see how much grayer it will be.


The cats are still kittens, although they’re kittens who weight 13 pounds and thunder around like rabid elephants. This image is while they’re resting for their next thundering session.


The yard (and all of north Georgia for all I can tell) is growing a bumper crop of poison ivy this year. This is a picture of the third(!) set of ivy to crop up in the middle of our oregano patch. I’ve already RoundUp’d the back yard in glorious defiance of sound ecological practice and have been having fun pulling by hand all the poison ivy in the garden, the front (good) ivy, the juniper, the grass, they flowering shrubs, etc. It’s been a ton of barrels of monkeys. I’ve got a nice outbreak on my arms right now. I’ve talked about this before.

I’ve been yoga-izing myself consistently for the past three weeks. I’ve been not-running for the same amount of time. This is not a bad thing. I need to work on the whole core muscle thing.

I’ve been neglecting my Appalachian Trail section for the past few months. I need to get up there and do the water bar cleanout and whack some weeds. Maybe next weekend.

And that’s all that’s coming to mind right now in this brain dump. Keep it real, folks.

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