Back on the Training Wagon

I mentioned in my last post that I’d done myself an injury. This was unfortunate because it came right at the time when I usually start ramping up my running for summer race season, and to ditch the winter1 doldrums. I’ve also gained about eight pounds in the past year and that just will not do, if only because I refuse to replace all my good slacks.

So, off I go, working back up to regular 8 or 10 mile runs on weekends, plus bike rides, and swims, and of course, YOGA.

I say “of course” but you have no idea, do you dear interwebs, that I’ve been doing yoga in the last six months? No, you don’t, but now you do. Jenn started doing more yoga as a part of her Lenten plan, and I joined in for a good bit of it. It’s amazing how just a little bit every day or every other day can improve your flexibility. Plus, yoga is very self-directed and not likely to cause me to break myself through overdoing it. Don’t get me wrong, yoga can be hard, but I choose not to do things that are that difficult, concentrating on poses that will build strength and flexibility slowly.

To that end, I’ve made it my goal to do some yoga every single day for this summer (at least). I decided that if I make it 30 days straight, I’ll do something nice for myself. If I go 60, then 90, I’ll do something correspondingly better. I have not yet decided what those things will be.

This will hopefully keep me on my training wagon, healthy and strong. That’s the way toward improving race times, and just being a happy person.

  1. Yes, I know we don’t have a winter really, but it’s a season. Get off my back. []
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