Georgia Legislative Session – Interesting Senate Bills and House/Senate Resolutions

Carrying on from the last post, here are some interesting Senate Bills, House Resolutions and Senate Resolutions.

SB 294 – Dignity of the Unemployed. This bill would require persons receiving unemployment aid to participate in 24 hours of volunteer service work per week. Like they don’t have a full time job looking for a job. Bill does not approve.

SB 292 – More Drug Testing for Social Programs. This bill matches house bills that require recipients of medicaid to submit to drug testing for controlled substances. Bill does not approve.

SB 289 – Online Learning. This bill would… well, I’ll just quote it. “Beginning with students entering ninth grade in the 2013-2014 school year, each student shall complete at least one course containing online learning. This requirement shall be met through an online course offered by the Georgia Virtual School established pursuant to Code Section 20-2-319.1, through a course offered by the high school that significantly integrates online content, or through an online dual enrollment course offered by a postsecondary institution. A student who is enrolled in a full-time or part-time virtual instruction program pursuant to Code Section 20-2-319.3 meets this requirement.” Bill says, “Huh.”

HR 1095 – Calling for a Constitutional Convention: “NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF GEORGIA that, as provided for in Article V of the United States Constitution, the Georgia General Assembly respectfully applies for an amendments convention to be called for the purpose of proposing an amendment which shall provide that an increase in the federal debt requires approval from a majority of the legislatures of the separate states.” Bill thinks this won’t fly.

There aren’t any interesting1 Senate Resolutions, yet.

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