Whitelines Notebook: My Evaluation

A while back, I decided to try a new notebook: Whitelines. My initial evaluation is in that previous blog post.

Since then, I’ve been using it in Bill-normal fashion, i.e. generally using it for notes and doodling and sketching and throwing it into my work bag and travel bag and generally abusing it. I’ve been very happy with the quality of the paper and the way it takes the ink of my favorite pens. The advertised property of Whitelines, that the lines that make up the grid don’t photocopy or distract, is borne out 100%. I like this feature and would be interested in maintaining a notebook with paper like that.

However, it’s starting to show a bit of wear.

Whitelines Notebook

This is at about a 65% completion of the notebook. I’ve been using it for 5 months now, which is a bit longer than normal at this completion rate. A few months ago I noticed that it was starting to be a bit worn around the edges and on the front cover. One of the reasons I liked my previous notebook (shown here) was because it didn’t cave under the abuses I heaped on it. The Whitelines wire-bound A4 is still holding up, but I’m thinking that it might retire early if the wear shown in the picture above gets much worse.

The cover wear and other age-marks are things I can deal with, but the cover coming off the wire binding is a killer. If this had been true spiral bound, it wouldn’t be showing this problem, but it’s one of those wire bindings that wrap back and forth on itself. Over time (and abuse) this allows the gaps to separate and the cover, and eventually pages, to start to separate.

My evaluation: Great paper. Great product. Not quite suitable for my use. I may try using one of their other products, without the wire binding (such as their perfect bound or the glue bind) on the next go around.

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