Atlanta Track Club Peachtree City 5k/10k 2011 -and- Injury Update

Racers Ahoy!

I ran today with Keith and Jaime the Atlanta Track Club 5k/10k in Peachtree City (we all ran the 5k). I turned in a 26:00 according to my watch and both Keith and Jaime broke their previous PRs. Go us!

This race is always fun, and in my experience now, always cold (n=3). It was about 28 degrees Fahrenheit at race start, so a bit chilly, but no real wind.

Given my experience of one week ago, I took it a little easy during the race. I put in about 85% effort. Nicely (although not coincidentally) this activity did not bother my back strain in the slightest, aside from the drive to and from the race where I was sitting in the car.

This tells me several things:

  • The strain was definitely the quadratus lumbarum because if it had been the multifidus or the erector spinae (or some combination of the above) I’d have been having more issues
  • It’s not my running muscles that need to be worked on in my abdominal strengthening work
  • The quadratus lumbarum is definitely not a running muscle

I went to see a physician on Friday to start a professional treatment of my problem, but I have a whole post just for that. Look for it soon.

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