These People are Insane…

…and are trying to kill you through lack of sleep

You may recall my recent post about Unclutterer and the person who was advocating less sleep to get more done.

Well, they’re at it again. I say to Unclutterer, by posting something like this on your blog, you’re tacitly approving of a practice that undermines the health of the people involved. Stop it.

I call your attention to #1 of the linked list:

1. Oversleeping. Waking up just 10 minutes late has the ability to throw your entire day off schedule. Use a timer for a week and determine how long it actually takes you to get ready in the morning, commute to your office, and start working on valuable action items. Are you waking up early enough to get everything done?

The only way I would approve of this item is if it said “Waking up just 10 minutes late, after already receiving your required minimum amount of sleep, has the ability to throw your entire day off schedule.”

That and anyone who can’t incorporate a 10 minute snooze into their daily schedule without dire consequence needs to cut back on what they’re doing. If 10 minutes of unplanned time ruins your day, you need another plan.

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