Roof! Roof!

We’re having our roof redone. The existing roof dates back to the construction of the home (1988) and was only a contractor’s roof to begin. It’s time for it to go.

Roof Before

This is a good shot of the existing roof. What I can’t show you, and is another good reason to get the roof replaced, is the Grand Hyatt Inn we have constructed for our local squirrels! Back behind the house is a spot where the squirrels get under the shingles and have a grand ‘ol time in the attic. I hate these squirrels. We’re having this little problem corrected along with the roof.1

Roof DuringWhen they pulled off the existing shingles and tar paper, they found some damage that needed to be fixed, but this was expected. They’re replacing the plywood that needs to be replaced, before putting down new tar paper.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you any pictures of the new shingles (Barkwood, Architectural) because they all just took off and left us with a tarp over the house. I guess they’ll finish up tomorrow and I can put up some after pictures.

1: A consequence of this action, though, is for me to need to place the havahart trap up in the attic after the roof is complete to trap any poor critters who get stuck inside.

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