First Blow in the Squirrel War!

We’ve got squirrels in the attic.

They make a significant amount of noise and have tramped down 50% of the insulation. I promised Jenn that I would attempt non-lethal methods of squirrel-disposal before resorting to poison, traps, or guns. Three weeks ago I acquired a Havahart trap, and two weeks ago I placed said trap in the attic with peanut butter as bait.


…until last night! I got home to some rather loud scratching and thumping noises coming from overhead.

Trapped Squirrel in the Attic

I took the little bugger down, trap and all, and drove him/her 5 miles away for release. The funny thing was, once I released it, it ran straight for the large building 100 yards away, and not the tree 10 feet from it. Hmmm…

The trap is re-baited and sitting in the same spot. We’ll see if we get another one. Eventually, I’ll have to spend a weekend placing firring strips and mesh around where you see the yellow insulation to keep them out.

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