First Blow in the Squirrel War!

We’ve got squirrels in the attic.

They make a significant amount of noise and have tramped down 50% of the insulation. I promised Jenn that I would attempt non-lethal methods of squirrel-disposal before resorting to poison, traps, or guns. Three weeks ago I acquired a Havahart trap, and two weeks ago I placed said trap in the attic with peanut butter as bait.


…until last night! I got home to some rather loud scratching and thumping noises coming from overhead.

Trapped Squirrel in the Attic

I took the little bugger down, trap and all, and drove him/her 5 miles away for release. The funny thing was, once I released it, it ran straight for the large building 100 yards away, and not the tree 10 feet from it. Hmmm…

The trap is re-baited and sitting in the same spot. We’ll see if we get another one. Eventually, I’ll have to spend a weekend placing firring strips and mesh around where you see the yellow insulation to keep them out.

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3 Responses to First Blow in the Squirrel War!

  1. Tenner says:

    Congratulations on your “catch”…

  2. psychowoof says:

    our strategy is three-fold for keeping the wildlife out of the house.
    1. The eaves are fully enclosed.
    2. Two big doggies that tend to chase the wildlife if it gets within their sight.
    3. The giant wlidlife playhouse that is the barn!

    All we have issues with are spiders, ants, and dead newts (I have to assume the newts are alive at some stage, but we only see them once they’re dead and dried up) in the basement.

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