PETA's "Sea Kittens"

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has come up with a new campaign that makes me scratch my head:

Sea Kittens, not to be confused with War Kittens.

My opinion of PETA is that they are too much of an over-the-top organization. Their goals are laudable, even if you disagree, but their approach is fundamentally strange. This Sea Kitten campaign illustrates this in blinding highlights. They’ve carried it through, though, in their Fishing Hurts website, but replacing all references to “fish” with Sea Kittens, which just reads weirdly.

Still, in a bid to bring Poe’s Law back to mainstream awareness, the “stories” section of the sea kittens website leaves me agog. It would be so easy to think that they are making fun of themselves with the stories…but they’re not.


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3 Responses to PETA's "Sea Kittens"

  1. James Cronen says:

    Before I even understood the point of the “Sea Kittens” stories, I read the first one.

    “Tara the Tuna… loves to squeeze herself into tight places…”

    And then I thought that a delicious place to squeeze into would be the tiny crevasse between two slices of whole wheat bread.

    I am not a member of this site’s target audience.

  2. sharonopolis says:

    My opinion of PETA is that they are too much of an over-the-top organization. Their goals are laudable…

    Their surface rallying cry is “save the animals,” which just about everyone can agree with. But their deeper intention is to make all animals *free of all human interference*, which means that they’d rather see you turn your cats and dogs out in the wild than keep them. Their financial priorities are such that they’d rather kill than adopt outmost animals surrendered to them. Oh, and the head honcho Ingrid Newkirk takes insulin that’s animal-derived and required animal testing, but has no problem stating that she’d deny this to other diabetics who aren’t special snowflakes fighting for animal rights like she is.

    Yeah, I have problems with PETA.

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