PETA's "Sea Kittens"

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has come up with a new campaign that makes me scratch my head:

Sea Kittens, not to be confused with War Kittens.

My opinion of PETA is that they are too much of an over-the-top organization. Their goals are laudable, even if you disagree, but their approach is fundamentally strange. This Sea Kitten campaign illustrates this in blinding highlights. They’ve carried it through, though, in their Fishing Hurts website, but replacing all references to “fish” with Sea Kittens, which just reads weirdly.

Still, in a bid to bring Poe’s Law back to mainstream awareness, the “stories” section of the sea kittens website leaves me agog. It would be so easy to think that they are making fun of themselves with the stories…but they’re not.


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