No Worse Person to Lead

Governor Sarah Palin has got to be the recent political world’s biggest scam artist. She has certainly risen to her level of incompetence. For example, I present a quote, concerning the Federal Bailout and her opposition to…something about it (I’m not sure exactly what she’s opposing).

Palin said that a “bigger federal government and more unfunded mandates hurt the economy and our states.”

Now, this quote isn’t directly in reference to the Bailout, but it’s linked closely enough that I feel she’s being evilly disingenuous. Going from the one of the largest government-funded programs in one sentence (signed by a Republican President!) to medicare and her other “unfunded mandates” in the next shows how valueless she is as a national leader.

I fear that we will be seeing more of her, unless she manages to step on her crank so hard that Alaskans decide she’s unworthy. My great hope is that her obvious worthlessness will become obvious to a greater percentage of people over the next few years and that the Republican party will deep-six her in self defense.

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