Super Mario Galaxies

Due to my wiinjury, I’ve played a lot of Super Mario Galaxy in the past week. But before I get into that, some background.

I haven’t owned a console game since the Atari 2600. I played various console games such as the Nintendo 64 when I was in high school, but since HS graduation it’s been PC games almost exclusively. That means I missed almost every incarnation of Zelda, Mario and Halo which were primarily intended for the console market.

Which means that I was entirely shocked by the psychedelic craziness or drug-trippiness of Super Mario Galaxy.

Some of the crazy shit that goes on during that game makes me think that either A) the developer was high or B) the developer thought I woudld be high or C) it was designed by the Japanese.

I think it’s a cool game, though, and the way that the second controller can be used by another person to assist the primary player is way awesome. Courtney has been a good star-catcher and I had fun freezing the big death-rocks for Jenn while she was playing.

However, I’ve been playing too much because, tetris-like, I’m seeing it everywhere. I may have to swear it off for the weekend. Besides, the back is getting better which means I have stuff to do.

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