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On Tuesday morning this week, I learned that I wasn’t going to be at work on time.

A strong, fast, thunderstorm blew through Georgia and my house was about 200 yards away from a particularly strong set of winds. Several homes in my neighborhood were damaged and three in the neighboring subdivision were playing host to trees in their living rooms. You could see the line the most serious winds followed by looking for the half-gone pine trees that had been snapped off. It was impressively narrow and straight.

The morning fun involved me, my neighbors, and a chainsaw, just so we could get out of the subdivision. Thankfully, no one was hurt (according to Cobb County), and the clean up went remarkably fast. I got to see how the utility companies deal with problems on a crash basis. They don’t bother with making things neat, they just get it working ASAP. I saw one utility pole that had been chainsawed above and below the utility attachment points, then that stub was strapped onto a new pole. Quite entertaining to look at. They have subsequently moved the attachments to the new pole.

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