It Hailed on Me!

Totally unfair…

After RainIt’s April. I’m in Laurel, MD. I leave the hotel to go running and BAM, it starts thundering and hailing, plus lots of rain. Here’s the nice view from my window at the Outback attached to the hotel. Notice the nice after-rain sheen. It doesn’t quite catch the chilling 15 degree drop in temperature, the soaked t-shirt, the blowing wind with attendant wind chill, and the pea size hail bouncing off my face. Unhappy was I.

But I came back and finished on the treadmill. Gosh I’m a dedicated person.

18:01 Edit: This was the cloud that should have clued me in to not go running. I took this picture about 5 minutes before heading out the door.

Stormclouds Moving In

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