Comment Policy

The Evil Eyebrow has a basic comment policy which is predicated on two things.

  1. Your words are your words and I will not mess with them
  2. You do not necessarily have the privilege of commenting here

This is my blog and I’ll manage it in the way that causes me the least amount of headache and work. This sometimes means I’ll have to change up the way comments are approved before posting. However, and I don’t see this changing any time soon, all first commenters are placed in the moderation queue. Don’t worry, I’m rarely away from my email for long so if your comment is not Spam, it will be approved soon enough. As soon as you have one approved comment, all others will go through automatically, assuming you use the same name and email address.

To date, I have not conducted any censoring of comments here. As long as your comment is a real comment and not spam, I’ll allow it to be posted. I reserve the right to end that streak without notice.

This is a personal blog, and not for commercial gain. Keep in mind that all of my comment links get the “rel=nofollow” attribute.

Welcome to the Eyebrow and I hope you enjoy your stay! Please comment all you like. I enjoy the conversation.

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