New Knitting!

Last spring I took up a knitting project. I made a simple, garter stitch scarf. Since then, I haven’t done much except screw around a bit with a couple practice squares. I’ve decided that it’s time to pick a new project and get going, learning knitting while doing.

Et voici! I’ve chosen a hat to make1. This project will teach me how to knit in the round, do ssk decreases, keep track of rounds and rows, and fix things I screw up. I’ll keep you posted with pictures.

Thanks to Annie for teaching me how to do this and for giving me as a birthday present a big bag full of knitting doo-dads and stuff that help with the various tasks2. I know what they are all for, but I don’t plan to get into some of them (the cable holder things!) anytime soon. I’ll pick them up as I increase the skills.

Hopefully I’ll have a nice hat I can wear when I visit the family in Tulsa for Thanksgiving.

  1. Interestingly, I can’t seem to fix the progress bar over there at Ravelry to say 0% complete. I accidentally changed it and now the lowest I seem to be able to set it is at 5%. So, I guess I’m at 5% complete by merely starting! []
  2. Round markers, tape measure, scissors, stitch keepers, and other things whose names I can’t remember []
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2 Responses to New Knitting!

  1. Annie says:

    I look forward to seeing your progress. I’m proud of my first knitting student.

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