Comcast Nibbling

I recently had occasion to call Comcast to fix something on my monthly bill. While on the phone I said (paraphrasing) “My service is expensive. What can I do to make it less expensive?”

I was presented with the COMCAST TRIPLE PLAY (imagine dynamic music in the background). It seemed like a good deal: Go with the promotional rate for 12 months and I’d get $17 off my bill, plus add phone service which I don’t have. The next two years would be about equivalent to my current bill (still with the addition of phone) and then they jack the price. By then, I figured I could work a new deal or cancel the service.

However, upon questioning them, I learned that it’s not that easy. You also need a special modem to handle the voice, which they’re more than happy to rent to you for $7 a month. I could buy one, but that’s $150. Thanks for the nibble, Comcast.

While I would still be saving $10 a month for the first year, this is frustrating. If they’d presented it with a equipment-cost-included rate, I probably would have been thrilled by the $10 savings. As it is, I feel like Comcast is once again trying to get as much money out of their customers as possible and I’m less likely to call back and go with their promotion. I’m also tempted to go with the TRIPLE PLAY and not bother with the modem for voice calls and just keep doing what I’m doing with internet and cable.

I should probably ask around and see if that would somehow screw things up. Stay tuned.

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