Jukebox the Ghost


We went to the Masquerade to see Jukebox the Ghost, one of my favorite bands, open for Motion City Soundtrack. As usual1 they were awesome. They’ve got great stage presence and know how to perform. Some bands make their live shows stand out by tweaking their music2, others do it by being spectacular performers3, and others have bits of both. Jukebox the Ghost sits in the third category by giving us new harmonies on their songs, and being really fun to watch play their instruments.

I highly recommend catching them on their tour, or waiting for their upcoming headline tour in the winter.

As I said, Jukebox opened for Motion City, but there was an opener for the open: Now,Now.4 Enter blurry iphone picture.


They were good enough that I bought their album. One takeaway from hanging out with the Extraordinary Contraptions and going to a lot of indie music concerts is I’m much more likely to support artists by purchasing their music than I used to be. As long as they don’t suck, of course, and Now,Now didn’t suck.

  1. I say as usual, but I’ve only seen them live once before. []
  2. Alanis Morrisette is a bad example of this. []
  3. Barenaked Ladies. []
  4. Now,Now is one of those bands, like Fun. that should have a style guide on how to spell their band name. This is how it’s on their website. []
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