If you are familiar with me, you know that I make every effort to be places on time, or early. I’m that guy who shows up to your party before you’ve finished putting the chips in the bowl and ice in the fridge. It’s a foible, but one I aid and abet at every opportunity. That way, if something unexpected springs up at the last moment, there’s always a bit of flexibility. This is very useful if you happen to live in, say, Atlanta, where the traffic is always a factor, and an unpredictable one at that.

It’s also useful if you happen to be looking forward to a massage you have scheduled (did I mention my injury?) but on the way out the door, you slice the back of your leg with broken glass in the trash bag.

As I was leaving early, I had time let the thing bleed like a pig, wash the would, bandage it1 and still make it to my appointment just a bit late.

The lesson here is, don’t cut yourself. And give yourself extra time.

  1. I love that self-sticking wrapping stuff. Very useful for applying a dressing to places like a hairy calf. []
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