Weekend = Yoga, Running, Beer, Movies, Biking, Cleaning,…

Yes, all that stuff. And sleep. We will not be sacrificing sleep, trust me.


The fermenter pictured here is now empty (and clean) after having dispersed its contents to 50 individual bottles, as shown here. After filling the bottles, I realized that, yes, 5 gallons is a lot of beer but, no, 50 bottles isn’t really that much. Doesn’t take all that long to go through fifty bottle of beer. Thusly, I am already planning my second batch. After all, home brew is supposed to get better as it ages, therefore I’d like to keep some of those 50 bottles around for a while. I think next will be a hefeweizen.

We are also doing yoga this weekend, plus seeing Mirror Mirror, which should be fun. In and around all of that we need to clean the house (bleah) and of course get some runs and a bike ride in.

Should be fun! I’d comment about being away from the computer because of it, but according the frequency of posting here over the last month, that’s been the norm.

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