My God, It’s Full of Hair

The square-cube law says that as volume goes up, surface area goes up more slowly. My current application of this principle is devoted to hair.

Exhibit one, the culprit:

This cat, which is one half of the current feline-american population of my residence, has grown in mass by approximately 2.2 times. Similarly, the other feline-american in the house has grown in mass by approximately 2.3 times.

Utilizing the square-cube law, I should be getting approximately 1.7 times as much hair as a cat that has grown in mass by 2.2 times1, however I seem to have about 80 times as much hair as a month ago.

Either my cats are shedding like freaking mad or we have a new postulate to include in the sqaure-cube law. Someone call Galileo and alert him.

  1. I’ll let you go do the math to prove I’m right []
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