Two Months Clean

It’s been two months since I gave Facebook the long drop. In that time I’ve noticed a few times that I wasn’t able to see certain band or event advertisements because they were linked to Facebook pages1. I’ve also noticed a drop in communication with a certain subset of friends and acquaintances whom I only had contact through Facebook. Nothing, however, has made me consider for more than a second reinstating the account. It’s made it clear that I need to be more active about the people I should be staying in contact with rather than sitting back and letting Facebook spoon-feed my couch-ridden corpse an endless stream of updates.

Facebook, I’m glad I could quit you. Good luck with your IPO.

  1. I know I could have clicked through, however my FB account is “deactivated” not deleted, which means if I happen to log back in, suddenly it’s up and running again. No, “Would you like to reactivate?” No, “By logging in we’ve automatically reactivated your account.” Nope, they just turn you back on without bothering you. Pretty much the FB business model and one of the reasons I abandoned it. []
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