New Cats!

Back in May, we lost our long time companion, Psyche. Since then, we’ve intended to resupply ourselves with loving and adorable fuzzy creatures, but we needed to wait a little while before doing so.

The waiting is now over! Today, Jennifer will go to our veterinarian, who maintains an adoption program, and bring home two new 12 week old cats1. We will have the standard kitty-indoctrination class, consisting of keeping them in one room for a while and slowly letting them acclimate to us, to the house, and to the way things work. We’ll bring them out into the larger house area one room at a time. After all, it’s best to know that the cat likes to poop on things, or shred things, before allowing them full access to all areas of the house. That let’s us encourage good behavior and discourage bad before the felines interact with objects of serious worth.

So, hopefully there will be felines in the house when I get home!

  1. Assuming no one adopted them over the weekend. []
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