Household Update – Where have I Been?

It has been a busy and stressful few months here in the Bowie/Ruhsam household. Jennifer was actively seeking employment; I was in the middle of a crisis-of-manageable-proportions at work; Dragon*Con was nigh; and we had to deal with the wrecking and replacement of one of our vehicles. Plus all the myriad things that tend to pop up at inopportune times and poke poke poke you in the adrenal glands.

We’re fine. We’ve been dealing with this in what I consider a normal and rational way: doing what needs to be done; taking care of ourselves; trying to give ourselves rest and relaxation when we needed it; and generally letting things that were not highly critical sit and wait. Things like yard work and “real” house cleaning1 and blogging and podcasting. So watch out if you come to our house; we may put you to work podcasting.

Happily, Jennifer started a new job with Home Depot2 as a User Experience expert. If you want to know what that is, go ask her. I managed to get the crisis-of-manageable-proportions out the door and I really wish I could charge overtime on the work I did. We are almost done with our Mount Desert Island Marathon training (thank god) and the weather has cooled off3. We’re looking forward to the fall and winter where we’re traveling to two marathons, to Tulsa for Turkey Day, and staying home for Christmas and New Years. I am delightfully looking forward to NEVER EVER EVER running a marathon again4 so that I can concentrate on shorter races.

I am also delighted to have reworked our family budget last night based on our new income situation. Let’s just say that Jenn was a bit underpaid at Georgia State and leave it at that. Jenn’s brain mortgage5 will be happy about the increased payment, although our mortgage company probably will not be as we’ll be robbing them of additional interest6.

With less craziness and stress around the household, you, dear reader, will be seeing more frequent updates out of me here at the Eyebrow, at Talking Traffic, and at our new podcast, which we haven’t officially released into the wild yet.

  1. We haven’t cleaned our house thoroughly in quite a while. It’s probably time we did that []
  2. Whoops. I must practice this. [Ahem] “THE Home Depot.” It’s like THE Ohio State University. Carry on. []
  3. Also thank god. Driving an entire summer in Atlanta without air conditioning in your car is not recommended. Alas, given the job status of Jennifer’s job, I wasn’t in a position to fix it, or replace the car, back in May. []
  4. I’m not that adamant, but I’m certainly going to wait a year or so before signing up for the next one. I want to get back into doing 5ks and 10ks with the occasional half marathon. 13 miles is a good distance. 26.2 is way too much of a pain. This is its own blog post… []
  5. Student loans []
  6. Not that they’re making much off us right now anyway. We lucked into a perfect situation with the adjustable rate mortgage starting to adjust immediately after the Federal Reserve dropped interest rates through the floor. The ARM has adjusted downward by over half since 2008. I am not complaining, but I’m not claiming credit either; it was pure chance []
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