Craft Weekend

We are hosting a Craft Weekend at our house starting tomorrow. The stated purpose is to “get shit done.”

I declared this particular activity because I last put a picture into a scrapbook around the end of 2006. Thusly I have December of 2006, and all of 2007-2010 to put together. This may take a little bit of time so, I’m going to claim a table and go nuts for 20 hours or so and try to knock it all out.

All of the complaints and moaning and bitching I’ve been making about Idimager came about (generally) because I’d been trying to go through my backlog of image files to produce the pile of pictures shown here.

Pictures for the Scrapbooking Weekend

Those three boxes contain 822 4x6s and I’ve got another 207 sitting in an envelope at home.

Wish me luck.

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