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As mentioned yesterday, I’m a bit of a homebody right now. Not moving around too much.

Other than watching the Packers trounce the Falcons, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting various internet-, network- and computer-based things functional; tasks I haven’t been exactly putting off, but just hadn’t been sitting down and slamming out all at once.

Tasks under work or accomplished:

  • Figure out what the hell Idimager is doing with my images so I can port everything to Lightroom. Status: 90%
  • Backup everything including blog sites, databases, PCs, etc. Status: 50%80%
  • Enact plan to switch from Crystaltech hosting to hosting. Status: 15%
  • Update all my Remember the Milk tasks. Status: 100%
  • Devise a useful and repeatable photography workflow. Status 80% (depends on how much Idimager is a pain when I start trying to debug the external HDD issues)
  • Update all WordPress blog platforms. Status: 10%100%
  • Rest. Status: Ongoing
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