Atlanta Snowpocalypse

This town goes a bit nuts when snow hits. Or is likely to hit. Or is projected to be within 100 miles. I like to call it the French Toastpocalypse because a good segment of the population runs out and buys eggs, milk, and bread. Some may say this is hyperbole, but as evidence I present exhibit A:

Snow is coming. The French Toastapocalyose is upon us. on Twitpic

I actually did need eggs yesterday so I went to the egg section of our Publix and beheld that there was only one package of eggs in size 12 (twelve eggs per carton) remaining. There were some 18 packs left, but not very many. Same story in the bread section. Scattered remains of a vicious buying spree. I am/was amused.

But, truly, I don’t blame my local Georgia neighbors. It doesn’t take very many people panicking to reduce a supermarket shelf to nigh-emptiness. Most people seem to be taking it calmly and if there are a lot of discussions of “damn southerners can’t drive in the snow” I’ll respond by saying that damn northerners can’t drive in the snow either if there’s no equipment out plowing and salting. And there isn’t. There’s just not enough iciness around here for counties, cities and the state to justify large fleets of trucks for snow and ice conditions.

Therefore, it’s best to just stay home. Although as evidenced by Georgia Navigator, a lot of people did not.
Atlanta, Noon, Snowpocalypse

We did. In fact, I shoveled our walk; the first snow shoveling I’ve done since Texas, I believe. The shovel in this picture is one that was gifted to me by my Father before I went to college. It was for inclusion in the trunk of my car for those days when the vehicle had to be dug out of snow drifts. Thanks, dad. It’s still being used.

Shovel? What's that?

Aside from that, we’re both working today; obviously from home. We took a bit of time to play in the snow, and I tested the applicability of our driveway for trash-bag-sledding. It is not for the faint of heart. I bailed once to avoid a face-on collision with our wood pile, once to avoid being thrown over a wall into the woods and once to avoid taking out all of our side-of-driveway lights.


If I get around to it, I’ll take some more pictures tonight after the rain and sleet have iced everything over. I put the odds of me going to work tomorrow at “scant”.

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