New Equipment for Photography

Well, new equipment for managing my photography.

One of the downsides of buying this has been an increase in image size. Also, I’ve adopted the RAW + JPG method of doing my image capture. This means that instead of putting one 2-3 MB image on the memory card every time I hit the shutter release, I’m getting one 4-6 MB JPG and one ~20MB RAW file—a twelve-fold increase. This has led to some loooooong download times when I’m importing the imagery at home. Last night it took over 3.5 hours to get the images off the card. That’s a bit long.

I blame it on the card reader that’s attached to my computer, so I’ve replaced it with this:

New Card Reader

    I just tested it:

  • 250 MB with the old card reader: 6:41
  • 250 MB with the new card reader: 2:00 for the win.
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