Preparing for the Race Season

Pro Tools Home Maintenance Stand

A purchase I’ve been avoiding to date has been a maintenance stand for my bicycle. I haven’t been avoiding it because I wanted to. I’ve been avoiding it because of cost; there continually were other things to spend money on when it came to bikes and racing. Unfortunately it is, ummmm, “inconvenient” to do maintenance on your bike without a secure way to get it off the floor and keep it from falling over, rolling around or just generally causing you to cuss and swear.

Thus, I finally bit the bullet and got a stand. The first order of business is to reset the derailleur on the Trek which currently isn’t a big fan of two of my gears ratios. It got discombobulated during the 24 Hour Race lo those many moons ago and I’ve been putting up with it, probably to the detriment of my drive train. No more! I will take care of my equipment!

I will also clean up my garage! Which needs it, as evidenced by the image

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