2008 Resolution Recap

Last year I posted an entry about resolutions. It neatly sums up my opinions.

How did I do with 2008’s resolvations? Let’s see:

“I resolve to maintain or improve my physical well being!”
Score one! I did very well this year with my training. Despite a few injuries, I completed an olympic distance triathlon (my first), and a marathon (also my first) and a sprint duathlon (another first). I ran in several other races for the hell of it and busted wide open my 10k PR. Go me.

“I resolve to keep better track of my training”
Score two! Still going strong with only missing a few days here and there.

“I resolve to miss no more than three bi-weekly episodes of Talking Traffic”
Boooo. Definitely not a success. I missed 7.

“I resolve to complete at least one crappy short story and do serious research on my other project”
No crappy short story, but I did do serious research on that other thing.

“I resolve to not let this embryonic project die.”
Score three! I didn’t let it die, I killed it. It turned out to be more effort than it was worth and I’m not in a position right now to take on something like it just because I can.

“I resolve to be a good husband to my wife, and a good friend to my friends”
I guess this is something that has to be answered by other people.

Check out the next post for 2009 Resolutions.

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