Attention Peeps! Possible Podcast

Jenn has floated the idea of her and me doing a CoupleCast™ wherein we discuss, together, our running and triathlon training in an open format.

Question: Would you listen?
Question: Would you care?
Question: Do I think I have the time for this? (answer, probably not)

We’d probably have started doing this already, but in order to do it well, we need to get some new equipment for recording; headsets plugged into USB ports don’t lend to good recording conditions for more than one person.

So, opinions?

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3 Responses to Attention Peeps! Possible Podcast

  1. James Cronen says:

    I would listen.

    I would somewhat care. I’m not and will never be a triathlete, so I’d imagine the podcast would only be about 1/3 pertinent to me.

    You don’t have the time for this, but then again, podcasting is something you enjoy and love, so who cares if you don’t have time for it? I say go for it.

    Let me know what you decide on for a recording setup. If I do a podcast someday I’m not going to want to do it alone and I’m curious what kind of minimum setup is required for a two-mic arrangement.

  2. Annie says:

    Probably wouldn’t listen – might read. I’m really weird about when I’m willing to listen to podcasts. I think it has to do with the fact that when I’m ready to unwind, I tend to be sensitive to sound.

    I would somewhat care.

    Neither of you probably have the time for this, but if it’s something you enjoy, then you’d be spending couple time together. Just don’t let it become a burden.

  3. Tim says:

    Would I listen? Possibly. I haven’t really caught the “podcast crazy” so I’ve only listened to like 1 or 2 total ever. But its by people I like on something I enjoy (running)…so yeah I’d likely tune in on occasion.

    Would I care? Podcast being done by my friends? About running. Sure I’d care…I’d say I’d even care more than I’d listen.

    Do you have time for this? Nope…probabely not. But if its something you enjoy why let that stop you?

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