Learning Computer Stuff -and- Birthday

For my birthday, I decided I needed to learn more about Mozilla Thunderbird. Specifically, I decided to remove an email account before transferring over all the email inside it. Whoops. Thus leading to “how to recover a removed Thunderbird account” google search. Thankfully, it’s easy.

I’m moving all of my email accounts (bruhsam, junk account, and TalkingTraffic) from POP to IMAP so I may access my email wherever I am. I’ve got plenty of server space, so it’s not a problem to leave it there. I’ll also be able to access my encrypted email from my work computer (the quantity of which will keep going up as I convince my friends and family to start using it) which I wouldn’t be able to do through the webmail interface. Thankfully, Thunderbird and Enigmail (along with GNU Privacy Guard) have a lovely solution to that issue.

As a relative newcomer to the encryption store, I’ve run into some issues when trying to get it up and running. The “how to” web pages are mostly geared to a higher level of computer user than I tend to be and definitely a person more used to command-line interface. I’ve been a Windows user since Windows came into existence (I only ever dicked around with Unix in college) so I can hardly be called a wiz with the CLI. I seem to have gotten things running, though. It sounds like I need to write a dumbed-down “how to” page if I’m going to try and convince others to sign on. Frankly, the people who advocate encryption from the tops of their computer-expertise-towers seem to be underestimating how steep the initial learning curve is, especially for someone (unlike me) who’s not willing to sit for a few hours and figure it out.

But not today. Today’s my birthday. “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…” I’ve already received an e-card from my mom (Very amusing, mother :), a card from my Aunt (Thanks Aunt Janet! Note coming!), a singing card from my mom-in-law (also very amusing, other mom), and flowers from my wifey-poo. Looks to be a good day.

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4 Responses to Learning Computer Stuff -and- Birthday

  1. Annie says:

    Hey, Happy Birthday! 6 more days, and I’ll be joining you at this particular number combination.

  2. Mebbie says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! :)

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